Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone

Yay for weekends =)! I am thinking it is time to make yet another pudding pie! This week we enjoyed two scrumptious pudding pies in our household, banana caramel and chocolate. Yum!

Now, I could sit here and say that I spent the entire time in the kitchen slaving over these yummy goodness, but that would be a big fat lie. lol sadly, these aren't really homemade (unless you count preparing pudding and adding store bought pie crust as homemade lol).

For the chocolate pie:

1 box of chocolate pudding
1 pie crust
Chocolate syrup
Grated Chocolate

I baked our pie crust in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes (until golden brown). While my crust was baking I prepared our chocolate pudding as per the box directions and let it chill in the fridge. Once my crust was done I set it aside to cool. Once the crust was cool, I poured my pudding into the crust, topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and chocolate shavings, then put the pie in the freezer (covered) for about an hour. The pie should be firm enough to hold it's shape, but not entirely frozen when served.

For the banana caramel pie:

1 box of vanilla pudding
2 bananas
1 pie crust
Caramel sauce

For this pie I sprinkled a little bit of cinnamon (just enough for flavor, don't go too crazy as a little goes a long way) onto my raw pie crust and then baked it at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. I prepared my pudding as per the box directions then let it chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Once the crust is done, set it aside to cool. Once the crust is cool, line the bottom of the crust with slices of 1 banana (leave the other banana for the top!), pour your pudding on top of the bananas then top with slices from your 2nd banana. Top the pie off with a few pinches of cinnamon and caramel sauce and then place in the freezer to chill (covered). The pie should be firm enough to hold it's shape, but not entirely frozen when served.

** to keep the bananas from browning, I did brush a tiny amount of lemon juice over the tops of the bananas slice. I have also read that orange juice will protect from browning as well.

While these pies may not be entirely homemade, they were very yummy, and provided a nice chilly treat for the whole family =).

Monday, May 21, 2012


Seriously, how lucky am I! A total of 3 bzzcampaigns this month has totally made me a very happy girl =D

This afternoon, I was surprised with a lovely (and heavy!) package from Bzzagent! My Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy BzzCampaign kit has finally arrived! Wow, they really loaded us up with some wonderful goodies!

My Bzzkit included:

  • The Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Bzzguide
  • Full Size Bottles of both the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy shampoo & conditioner
  • My Bzzagent Letter
  • 9 Sample Sizes of the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy shampoo
  • 7 Samples of the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy conditioner

Talk about wow! Seriously exciting!

Now, down to business. What makes this shampoo special from every other shampoo and conditioner on the market? As my bzzcampaign guide quickly points out, most of us have been treating dry hair through our poor ends and roots; however, it turns out that 99% of our hair's natural strength, beauty, and health comes from our scalp! Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy's revolutionary shampoos and conditioners feed your scalp to create the right foundation for strong and beautiful hair from root to tip!

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy is specially formulated with Nutrium 10 technology, a rich blend of 10 vitamins and nutrients that feed your scalp. Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy is clinically proven to restore your scalp's natural moisture balance.


So here are a few facts straight from our own person Bzzagent online Bzzguide:

Just the Facts:

  • Deeply nourish your scalp to create a solid foundation for strong, beautiful hair
  • Available at mass retailers (like Target & Wal-Mart), grocery and drug stores for a suggested retail price of $4.99 to $5.99
  • Includes shampoos and conditioners in six ranges to nourish the scalp, address unique hair needs and provide stronger, more beautiful hair in just 7 days2 — Total Care, Damage & Color Repair, Strong Lengths, Moisturizing Dry Scalp, Volumizing Root Boost and Complete Care
  • Formulated with Nutrium 10,an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C & E, sunflower, almond, soybean & coconut oils & aloe vera
  • Includes CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY ULTRA SHEA Shampoo and Conditioner, Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil and Intensive Scalp Nourishment Balm — all for relaxed or natural hair
  • Specifically formulated to meet the unique scalp and hair needs of African American women
  • Made with Nutrium 10 Moisture Lock, a non-greasy nourishing complex enriched with shea Butter and natural oils
  • Locks in moisture to quench dryness for superior scalp and hair nourishment
I am so looking forward to giving my hair the treat of the week! One thing not mentioned in the guide is how absolutely divine it smells! I just love the scent of a good, clean shampoo!

Want to learn more about CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY, visit their facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/ClearUltraShea

Want to learn more about becoming a bzzagent such as myself? Visit: www.bzzagent.com and learn more!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Recipe: Piggy Potato Puffs

Alrighty, so the name is a wee bit cheesy but we couldn't come up with anything else lol (suggestions are always welcome!)

We started off with the following ingredients:

Frozen tater tots
Sausage links (cut into bite size strips)
Pickled Jalapeno peppers (cut into bite size bits)
Bacon strips
American Cheese

We greased our baking sheet with a little bit of Olive oil so this way we had no problem getting our puffs off of the pan.

We then placed a piece of jalapeno, sausage, and a tater tot onto a piece of bacon and rolled it up.

We then placed them in the oven at about 350 degrees and let them cook until the bacon was nice and crispy. It took our gas oven about 20-25 minutes. As all ovens vary just be sure to keep an eye on yours.

Once they were done, we placed them on a plate lined with paper towels to soak up any excess grease (for those wondering this is NOT a healthy meal option lol and should be eaten in moderation =P)

We topped ours off with American cheese, but you can use any kind that you prefer =)

I swear I had a photo of the completed puffs but the camera didn't save it (*cry*) and they were gone in minutes so alas, I had no way to take a second photo.

lol, they may not be healthy, but they sure were tasty! They may look tiny, but they pack a punch!

I promise I will update with a finished meal photo!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bzzcampaign: Gucci Flora Garden Collection

It finally arrived! I was like a child at Christmas when I saw that lovely package arrive at my doorstep this afternoon. When I first learned that I had been chosen for the Gucci Flora Garden Collection Bzzcampaign, I was bouncing off the walls!

After opening my package, I was thrilled with the lovely scents wafting through my nostrils. Our samples arrived in a beautiful black and white box covered in matching tissue paper (I was already feeling spoiled and I hadn't even opened the box yet!.

Inside were 9 perfume sample vials (3 from each fragrance: Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia) 1 0.16 fl oz bottles of each fragrance, a lovely card, a pamphlet with 3 more scent sample cards and my Bzzagent letter.

My mother and sister swarmed me! We were oohing and awing over each luscious sample. I cannot wait to start telling more people about these fabulous fragrances. They are simply lovely and no overwhelming in the slightest.

So now that I am done raving about these fab scents here is a little info behind each! The following information is from www.bzzagent.com:

"Flora by Gucci: The Flora Garden Collection is available in three distinct floral fragrances:

Glamorous Magnolia

A brilliant opening of buoyant freesia, zest and green leaves yields to a tactile fusion of peony and magnolia. Sandalwood, musk and warm chocolate lend sensuousness to a base that proves as lingering as it is addictive. Glamorous Magnolia celebrates the magnolia in all its guises: radiant freshness, velvet petals and an enduringly feminine sensuality. Glamour is assured.

Gorgeous Gardenia

A sparkling prelude of succulent red berries and juicy pear gives way to an opulent floral heart. The plushness of gardenia petals is enhanced by the creamy warmth of frangipani flower, underlaid by the delectable aroma of patchouli and brown sugar. Gorgeous Gardenia is a paean to the lightness of the shrub's first blossom and the addictive richness of it in full bloom. The result is gorgeously feminine.

Gracious Tuberose

A distinctively elegant tuberose in which a verdant overture of violet leaves and peach softens into the plant's silken blossom. A base of white cedarwood and cistus enhances the impression of refined charm. Gracious Tuberose embraces all aspects of the flower's loveliness: its fresh green shoots, dew-sprinkled petals and lingering sillage. The effect is the most gracious aura.

Visit macys.com and sephora.com

Visit macys.com and sephora.com to learn more about the collection and purchase your favorite scent. Be sure to share the link with friends."

To learn more about becoming a bzzagent such as myself, please visit www.bzzagent.com 
To learn more about Gucci's fab new floral scents visit: Macys.com and Sephora.com 

Recipe: Green Beans and Bacon

 Recipe: Green Beans and Bacon

 You will Need:

  • 1/4 of an onion finely chopped
  • 1/2 tbs of Olive Oil (I used Filippo Berio Olive Oil as I received a bottle to try from Bzzaget.com!)
  • You can use a box of frozen green beans, but for this recipe we used to cans of green beans. If you use frozen they may have to cook longer so follow the cooking directions on the bo
  • Bacon
  • Garlic Pepper to taste

Our first recipe involving Filippo Berio Olive Oil is my very own kick to our regular canned green beans. 

I start off by cutting bacon into small bits and cooking it until brown and crispy. 

I let the bits drain on a piece of paper towel and drain the grease out of the pan. 

I then add about a quarter of a finely chopped up onion to about half a tablespoon of oil in a hot skillet. 

Once they are golden and yummy, I toss in my green beans and sprinkle with a little bit of garlic pepper and let the beans simmer for about 15 minutes. 

Once it is done we top with the bits of bacon. It makes a really yummy side dish that the whole family enjoys.

To learn more about becoming a bzzagent such as myself, please visit www.bzzagent.com 
To learn more about Filippo Berio Brand Olive Oil, visit http://www.filippoberio.com/yourhealth