Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earth Day 2013 - Free Printable Word Search

Earth Day is just around the corner! It is a time to give back to the planet that has provided us with so much.

How do you and your family celebrate this special day? We would also love to hear some of your own personal suggestions as well! Feel free to leave  a message in the comment section :)

Don't know what to do this year? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Plant something!
Plant a new tree in your community or maybe add some new plants and flowers to either a community center (with permission of course) or to your own personal garden at home! Turn it into a family affair and teach children about the specific plants you are planting and watch them as they plant new life into the soil.
  • Have fun with crafts using things from nature.
Why not get creative with what you already have in your yard and make some fun and festive crafts with a nature flair! Stones, pine cones, seeds, twigs, etc, can all help become wonderful bases to fun and unique craft ideas.
  • Educate!
Use this special time to educate your young ones about the importance of mother nature and how she can get sick just like us. Help show them how to help her feel better by teaching them about recycling, gardening, and how bad littering can be to our environment

In your downtime, why not enjoy this fun word search/coloring sheet with your kids! These printables are free for all! While you are more than welcome to print these for whatever occasion you prefer, I ask that you do not post these on your own website with consulting me first. I also ask that if I do give you permission, you must refer back to this website. I also ask that you do not edit out the tiny signature I have added to each page. Thank you and Enjoy!

When Google Docs opens, just click on file then print settings and preview and print OR you can download the image to your computer using the same link and print it that way as well.


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