Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Author Review: Eloisa James

I have been an Eloisa James fan for quite some time. I absolutely love historical romance novels. I have always enjoyed the fact that they are unique in the sense that not only are they incredibly romantic, but they take you back to a time much different than our own. Writing is hard enough, but to find an author who is devoted to creating relatable & in depth characters that the reader can fall in love with AND back their work up with hours of era specific research is just astonishing! Eloisa James's novels are truly works of art that can be enjoyed time and time again. I typically do not read novels again once I have completed them, but my collection of Eloisa books have been read and read again many times over.

If you have never dived into the world of historical romance, I would definitely suggest beginining with Eloisa James. Some of my favorite novels come from her Essex Sisters, Duchess Quartet, and Desperate Duchesses series. They are heartwarming, fun, & just a wee it naughty (there are several naughty scenes depicted in these novels, so as with most historical romance novels, I do not suggest these books for minors), but they are definitely wonderful reads!

The books are available in various prints, including kindle from Amazon.

If you are already an Eloisa fan, what are some of your favorite authors? What are some other authors that you enjoy reading? Comment below!

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