Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pinterest Test: Teal, White, and Black Nail Design

After viewing this pin about a dozen or so times, I just knew that I had to try it. Before I start let me say this, I am TERRIFIED of manicures. Yup, you heard me correctly, I am terrified. I would love to justify it with the normal excuses, such as the fear of unclean tools (which is pretty scary on it's own), but the real reason goes back a few years.

A friend of mine had just recently gotten a brand new manicure and I loved it so much I wanted one too. I asked her what they did, and I was horrified lol. After asking a few more friends who all verified that the first time can be painful (getting a manicure lol), I just decided to stock up on nail polishes and spare myself the trouble.

So with that said, I am always looking for cute and easy designs I can do myself. That was how I can across the following pin on Pinterest :)

Teal, white, and Black Design for Nails

Host website: Teal & Polka Dots

I didn't have the EXACT shade of blue the designer used, but I was pretty close with what I had on hand:

UPDATE: I finally purchased the perfect blue to go with this design :D

So how did my nails turn out? While they are not EXACTLY like the pin on Pinterest, they are fairly close. I wasn't able to do as many polka dots as my nails are itty bitty. However, if you have long nails this design would be lovely! I actually got it pretty close in one go =D

To add clean dots, I just used a toothpick dipped in the nail polish. I used the paint brush to get my white lines, but they would have been neater and cleaner had I just used a toothpick or a striping brush.

Verdict: If you are steady with a nail polish brush and/or toothpick. This is a fairly easy design to try. The host page provides great pictures and instructions so overall, A +

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