Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Book Surprise!

I am an avid reader and absolutely LOVE my kindle. However, even as much as I adore my electronic collection, there is just nothing like the smell of a really good book. My younger sister (also my crafting partner in crime lol) sent me a text this past Monday informing me that her community college was holding a used book sale. As much as I wanted to make the 30 minute trip and shop, I just couldn't find the time.

Well, my father (who happens to work at my sister's college, how cool is that!) came home last night with a huge surprise for me. He carried in a VERY large box full of historical romance novels from the sale !

You can imagine my excitement =D. It was such a wonderful birthday surprise and it really meant a great deal to me. I hope that you all have a week just as wonderful!

Coming soon: More Pinterest testing! We are in the process of finishing up our blog post for kool-aid lip-gloss and will be looking into some super fun outdoorsy pinterest tests =D so keep checking back!

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