Monday, April 21, 2014

Cupcake Themed Printables

Who doesn't love a sugary cupcake?! They are not only absolutely delicious, but they are just so darn pretty! Our next set of free printables feature this stunning dessert. These activities are perfect for that rainy day or for your next party with a cupcake theme!

When Google Docs opens, just click on file then print settings and preview and print OR you can download the image to your computer using the same link and print it that way as well.

For those still struggling finding some of the words in the word search, we have also provided an answer key:

These printables are free for all! While you are more than welcome to print these for whatever occasion you prefer, I ask that you do not post these on your own website with consulting me first. I also ask that if I do give you permission, you must refer back to this website. I also ask that you do not edit out the tiny signature I have added to each page. Thank you and Enjoy!

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