Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Themed Word Search!

With Christmas just around the corner, we have been busy little worker bees around here! We have been working on new orders, setting up the tree, wrapping gifts, baking cookies .... tasting cookies, lol well you get the idea. In my down time though, I really enjoy working on word search puzzles. I have always really enjoyed them and really have fun working on them. This year I decided to create my own! Feel free to print this one for your own use or share it with friends and family! {Click on the Photo Below to enlage}

It turns out, making these is actually quite simple with a little help from the internet. I used the word search maker over at Discovery Education - Word Search maker . You can print your word search straight from the website and make as many as you would like. The word search engine is plain text, so I added my word search to a decorated document using Paint Shop Pro. However, for the less than tech saavy, you can simply print the blank word search and have your children decorate the page themselves with festive drawings or stickers! Have fun making your own to share with your loved ones.

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