Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank you Living Locurto!

I love reading my craft newsletters! While reading a newsletter provided by Living Locurto, I stumbled across a really cute craft idea! The site offers a step by step tutorial on how to make the cutest cardboard rings. I am always looking for cheap ways to make cute jewelry so I went ahead and thought I would give it a try! While I didn't totally follow the guide (I went ahead and made a few tweaks to my rings) I get a very similar product! Rather than use the duct tape (sadly I don't have any decorated tape at the moment :( ) I used the spare ribbon I had to cover the cardboard rings. They came out too cute and I loved that I could change up the colors and decor! They were super fun and EASY to make :D

Materials I used:

Cardboard toilet paper tubes cut in strips for the base



Small little silk roses

You can find the step by step guide to making your own rings here:

DIY Rings – Cardboard Craft by Living Locurto

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  1. How fun! I made about 30 of these and took them with me to a local craft show in the area! The children LOVED them and I was able to teach many parents how to make these. Another wonderful craft idea found on www.livinglocurto.com !