Saturday, October 15, 2011

Green Mountain Coffee

Fair Trade means better quality for all - That is Green Mountain Coffee's logo and they stand by it!

As a Bzzagent with www.bzzagent.com, I am always being offered the wonderful opportunity to try brand new products. I was given the opportunity to try Green Mountain Coffee, and wow am I impressed. The taste is of course amazing and smells delish, but it is their business ethics that stand out among the rest.

What is Fair Trade? Here is the Scoop from Bzzagent.com's website!:

The Scoop

How does Fair Trade make a difference?
Fair Trade provides a direct link between farmers and Green Mountain Coffee®, cutting out the middlemen known as "coyotes." Here are some other good-to-know Fair Trade benefits:

Farmers are paid a fair price for their harvest: Fair Trade farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for their coffee, and if market prices exceed the minimum, they receive current market prices plus a separate payment called a premium

Farming families and communities are supported: Farmers within a co-op vote to determine how to invest their Fair Trade premiums to best benefit their own communities funding projects like schools, roads, health clinics, and safe drinking water.

Sustainable farming practices are promoted: To become Fair Trade Certified™, farmers must adhere to a number of environmental standards, like protecting water resources, and restricting the use of pesticides and certain chemicals

Working conditions are bettered: Fair Trade Certified™ communities must follow strict labor laws and practices that are in place to protect workers

You get high-quality coffee: Farmers use their Fair Trade premiums to invest in their businesses for things like drying patios and mineral-rich compost. These investments and requirements result in higher-quality coffee for you and your family.

If that doesn't sell you, the taste will! I was able to sample the k-cups and they are amazing! It has the same rich smell and taste as my usual cup of coffee, but with better practices behind it!

To read up more on Green Mountain Coffee visit: http://www.greenmountaincoffee.com/
To find out how to become a Bzzagent like myself visit: www.bzzagent.com

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