Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kindle Arrived!!

Wow, I feel like I am celebrating Christmas early! Just the other day I received my free Amazon Kindle for my www.Bzzagent.com BzzCampaign. I LOVE IT! I am a girl that has been reading since the day I could form words all by myself, and even before that I was read a bedtime story every night :). Books have always been a huge part of my life. It is amazing how a flat piece of technology actually makes me feel as if I am holding a real book. The technology they use is amazing. You aren't looking at your run of the mill led screen. Here is an excerpt from the Kindle User's guide to explain more:

"Kindle uses a high-resolution display technology called electronic paper. It works using ink just like books and newspapers, but it displays the ink particles electronically. The page flash you see when you turn the page is part of the ink placement process.
The electronic paper display is reflective, which means unlike most displays, you can read it clearly even in bright sunlight. Also, electronic paper does not need power to hold the ink in place, which extends your Kindle’s battery life."

It literally look like you are looking at a page in a book! Immediately I knew I was going to love my kindle.

As for books, I wanted to get a feel for the device before I started spending loads of money on books. Lucky for me, Amazon has hundreds of free books straight off of their website! I am a romance junkie and I was able to download about 70 or so romance novels free! They are always having special offers from new and more renown authors. If romance isn't your cup of tea, don't be discouraged. There are many different genres with many free reads. I was amazed.

The device is super easy to use and since it uses the electronic paper technology, my battery life seems to go on forever!

This is just the start of my review. As I test out more features I will add to it :). For now, know that I HIGHLY recommend this device to anyone book lover! Thank you Amazon and thank you Bzzagent for once again connecting me with another fabulous campaign!

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