Monday, July 2, 2012

Christmas in July event on Etsy

9FM - Jewelry & Gifts Christmas in July Promotion:

For the entire month of July, we will be offering a free surprise gift with each and every purchase! The free gift will be something completely random (and not listed in our shop yet) and it will of course be handmade and unique! To learn more about Christmas in July on Etsy visit:


To learn more about Christmas in July on Etsy visit the Christmas in July Etsy team here:


Or read the Creaters Etsy Thread here:


"What is Christmas in July? Excerpts from Lucinda's thread:

July is a notoriously sleepy month for retail and E-tail, so many places plan a "Christmas in July" sale to entice buyers to either A) buy Holiday items at a discount way early or B) buy older merchandise the sellers want to move so it feels like the Holidays for the sellers since some cash is flowing in (and the buyers get deals). Sales on Etsy for the first two events have been great for some but sluggish for others - - like all things Etsy, what works for one shop might bomb for another so know that going in :)

How to participate: When it gets closer to the time, change your tags so one reads either Christmasinjuly (one word) or CIJ. This takes time so you'll want to NOT do it the night before it begins :)

What to offer as a sale: Whatever you want - - free shipping, a % off, BOGO, whatever you think you want to offer - - it is up to YOU. Anything goes :)

What items to offer? Just Christmas stuff?: No, it is NOT just Christmas or Holiday items that can be offered - - this is a time to offer even your older pieces you want GONE because so long as it feels like Christmas/Holidays to *someone* (buyer or seller) it qualifies - - so every and anything can get put up for sale. It is just a catchy retail phrase meaning SUMMER SALE so don't get hung up on the word "Christmas" :)


  1. Merry Christmas in July to you as well ;) I hope that these treasuries brought in views and sales for all!