Monday, July 16, 2012

Facing your Fears! My biggest fear? Custom Orders!

So lately I have been trying my hand at a few local custom orders. I have always been a little nervous about them as I am scared stiff that I will miss an important detail and the customer will be unhappy.

I recently took on a few custom headband orders inspired by anime and cosplay! These were the results:

(Pink and Gold Horned Headband)

(Orange and Striped Horned Headband)

(Denim Fox Eared Headband with Vintage Lace and Fabric)

They were tons of fun to make and the customer was VERY pleased with the purchase as they were based on her own designs! I finally faced my fear and I feel all the better for it! What are some of your crafting fears that you faced or plan to face? I would love to hear your stories!


  1. Oh wow! Good for you for facing that fear. That would make me a bit tense as well to tell you the truth! ;-) Glad it went well!

  2. Thank you! It had me biting my nails the entire time! It is definitely not my comfort zone, but it was so much fun to try something new that I may not have otherwise tried! It was a wonderful learning experience =)