Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Straight off of the the www.bzzagent.com campaign page:


The Kindle 3 is ingeniously designed to be everything the iPad will never be: small, light and inexpensive… Now, the Kindle is almost ridiculously lightweight; at 8.5 ounces, it’s a third the weight of the iPad.

And with a wi-fi connection you’re just seconds away from close to a million books. It’s like having access to an entire library from the comforts of your couch. So what book are you going to read?"

Wow! I would so love to get in on this one! I have been passionate about reading since before I could even grasp my first book. My parents read to me every night, and once I could form words and sentences all myself...well I have always had a book handy. As of now I have a collection of over 400 books that I love and cherish. My only problem is space! At this point I know I need to invest in some sort of e-reader (Mother Nature must hate me for killing her trees lol). When I heard about this campaign I could already feel the tension and excitement of wanting to get in this one. Since I know we have to prove to the site why we deserve a kindle I thought I would throw together a quick list :D

1. I have been passionate about reading since...does forever count as an answer?

2. My poor room is lacking wall/shelf/table/floor/box space! I could really use some digital storage.

3. Help me be friends with Mother Nature...Help me stop destroying so many trees every week with the purchase of paperback and hardcover books! lol

4. I just love that Bzzagent has enabled me to learn more and more about new products every week. I would just love to be a part of the users that will be give this wonderful chance to review such a fantastic product.

So with that, My name is Mary Miller and I have been a bzzagent for several years. Do you want to learn more about new products and help companies by reviewing them and sharing with friends? Check out www.bzzagent.com to learn more!

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  1. So excited! Just received e-mail confirmation that I made it into the campaign! Thank Bzzagent.com for totally making this possible! You have made my whole year!