Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bzzagent Campaign: Dentyne Ice Split2Fit Packs

What a pleasant surprise it was to come home after a long day of classes (running my online shop and taking my Fall semester college courses definitely keep me on my toes!) to find that one of my bzzagent campaign kits had arrived!

As I entered the living room, My younger sister (also a college student) and her boyfriend were relaxing on the sofas enjoying their usual crime shows. As soon as they saw the package in my hands, I saw smiles spread from ear to ear!

I sat down to open my package:

This was definitely a generous kit! There were two 3 count packs of the new Dentyne Ice Split2Fit packs of gum! that is 48 pieces of gum times two!

I seriously loved the Official Bzzguide that came in the package. The information was clever and witty and definitely fun to read. Here is the "Scoop" portion of my bzzguide for you to read:

The Scoop

Welcome to Split2Fit 101
So how, exactly, do you go from 1 Split2Fit 16 piece pack to 2 packs of 8? Welcome to Split2Fit 101. Please open your textbooks to page 1.
Step 1: Take your Split2Fit pack and open it up.
Step 2: Tear it right down the middle.
It's as simple as 1,2...well, yeah, just 1 and then 2. That's all there is. Now you're ready to slip a pack into your jeans or clutch and head out.
Advanced Split2Fit
Assuming you didn't somehow manage to flunk Split2Fit 101 the first time around, you now know to split your pack of gum into two distinct packs. But why would you need to do this? Here are some classic examples:
  • For the ladies!
  • Conversely: For the fellas!
  • You're always on the go and need your gum to be in two places at once, just like you
  • You show up to a party but forgot to bring a present
  • A bear stumbles into your path. Just trust us on this one
You have now successfully graduated from Split2Fit University. Magna Cum Laude, nonetheless. Please line up to the right for your diploma. (www.bzzagent.com)


So after reading the guide, my first packet of gum was ...hmmm I guess the word mauled comes to mind! My sister and her boyfriend chose the spearmint and arctic ice packs while my mother chose the peppermint. They too have begun sharing their gum with fellow classmates, bandmates (my sister's boyfriend is in a band), and fellow friends and family. We have heard some amazing reviews about how easy it is to split the pack in two; one to go and one for the car,purse,desk,etc. It is definitely a convenient way to have some breath refreshing gum on the go without having to buy two separate packs!

Flavors include:

Arctic Ice
Mint Frost


To learn more about Dentyne Ice Split2Fit packs and other products, please visit:  Dentyne.com

Want to learn more about becoming a bzzagent such as myself? Visit: www.bzzagent.com and learn more!


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