Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bzzagent Campaign: Glade Expressions Collection

I am just going to start off by saying WOW! I have tried many air fresheners. I have tried diffusers, sprays, neutralizers, scented oils, candles... the list can go on and on. You name, chances are I have tried it. I am not going to lie, I was VERY skeptical when I heard I would be trying Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser.

I received my coupons in the mail and headed out to my local walmart to view the selection. I decided upon the Pineapple & Mangosteen scents for both my fragrance mist and my oil diffuser.

I set up my oil diffuser which was quick and painless. NO muss whatsoever, you just snap everything into place. I was amazed at how wonderful the set was! I kept telling myself "eh the scent will die down after an hour and I won't even know I have it anymore". WOW was I wrong! A few days later, and the diffuser is still as fragrant as ever! It just smells so absolutely delicious! We have two small dogs in the house and you would never be able to tell! The scent is amazing and the holder itself is quite pretty and blends in nicely with the decor.

The spray is also absolutely wonderful! I tend to run a quick spritz in each room after returning home after a long day and the scent just really sets a relaxing atmosphere. Both the spray and diffuser are also very affordable and pay for themselves! When you think of how quickly you go through those $1 sprays, the value just isn't really there. After receiving my kit, I have not had to run to the store for a quick fix fragrance!

So, for those looking to try something new, or are just frustrated with your own go-to scents, I really do highly recommend the Glade Expressions collection. I know I wasn't disappointed!


To learn more about the Glade Expressions line visit: glade.com

Want to learn more about becoming a bzzagent such as myself? Visit: www.bzzagent.com and learn more!

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