Thursday, January 3, 2013

Busy Hands!

Such a busy month and we are only in the 3rd day of it! Better yet, such a busy YEAR and we are only in the 3rd day! Our online shop did incredibly well over the holidays thanks to our wonderful followers and supporters. Enjoy this cuddly virtual hug from me to you :D *hug!*

I noticed that I had shifted my focus from our bows, which was what started this project to begin with, to our polymer clay charms and jewelry. With the new year, I decided to stock up on new fabric and get back to work on our bow selection.

That is just a tiny amount of our newest fabric bow choices :D. So after a few hours of cutting, folding, and sewing, I noticed I had a new stockpile of bows ready to wear!

Of course, I ended up keeping one or two for myself :P, but I made plenty for our shop! Right now, I have only listed the cheetah print bow set, but the others are coming soon!


So, what new projects have you started over the new year? We would love to hear from you!

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